Monday, October 11, 2010

How Time Flys

Well, it seems that I have once again let this blog slip away into the dark folds of neglect. I am beginning to wonder if I am ever going to get in the routine of writing here on even a semi-regular basis.
When last I posted here, I was all excited to get my 'Paint Bucket' Halloween challenge worked on and finished before it happens.....I am STILL trying to get it finished, and had to request a extension! I just can't seem to get anything accomplished theses days. Maybe this is what happens in your old age..? Well, regardless, I will continue to muddle along at my own speed, getting done what I can, when I can, and the rest will just be thrown to the wind, as they say.
On a lighter note... I also belong to another team, The Old Farmhouse Gathering (OFG). this is a wonderful team of very talented artists that mainly produce Primitive and Shabby Chic items of all kinds. It is a delight to just browse through the many shops and marvel at the imaginations these artists have when preforming their magic! This group of well over 100 artists has welcomed a new member today. If you love unique signs like I do, you will be thrilled when you visit Debra's Etsy shop, , check it out!
Ok...back to the drawing board for me. I am on a tight schedule again all this week, and I have so much I'd like to get done. Film at 11.....