Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look at my SURPRISE!

I want to thank Judy of Holly Ridge Creations ( http://hollyridgecreations.blogspot.com/ ) for the cutest SURPRISE!

I answered a little trivia question and got it right! Do YOU know what 'a story bump' is???? According to my Grandma it was those little nasty canker sores we sometimes get on our tongue. She would always say that I must have told a fib so that was the punishment. Well Judy agreed with me and I got a suprise.

Judy sent the cutest little painted gourd ornament and 2 adorable handmade candy canes to hang on my Christmas tree! My poor little Alpine tree is so in need of more ornaments, these will be put to good use as soon as I get the tree up! This picture doesn't do the ornaments justice, but I just had to brag a little..... THANKS JUDY!


yorkie's primitives said...

What a lovely surprise. I guess that's the rewards we get when we listen to our Grandma's.LOL Hugs, Valerie

artisoopaintings said...

I think they think much time to prepare the gift.